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The Contagious Joy of a Child

Meet Kaden

Story by Show Hope 08 de junio de 2015


A month after she was born, Kaden was admitted to Maria’s Big House of Hope (Show Hope’s flagship Care Center in the Henan province of China). In this big blue house, orphans like Kaden are receiving life-giving medical care.

Maria's Big House of Hope

full of joy

As soon as Kaden arrived at Maria’s Big House of Hope, she was joyful. She was smiley, interactive, and full of giggles. Now, at two years old, Kaden’s joy and laughter are as contagious as ever.


Originally diagnosed with an endocrine disorder, Kaden’s condition has been stable since her surgery last year. She is growing so quickly, and it is a privilege to watch her develop!


diapers, diapers, diapers

As a typically active two-year-old, Kaden needs lots of diapers. With hundreds of children under care, Show Hope spends $300,000 on diapers every year! Meeting this very basic, tangible need is essential to the overall standard of care we seek to provide for precious children like Kaden.


exceptional care

Many of the children who live at Maria’s Big House of Hope are especially susceptible to infections, so the level and quality of their care must be exceptional in order to meet their unique needs. This means lots and lots of diapers!

Can you help us fund a year’s supply of diapers for Kaden and her friends at Show Hope’s Care Centers?


you can help

Fund two or more packages ($60 or more) and a donor will fund an additional package in your name! Fund two or more cases ($180 or more) and you’ll receive original artwork from the kids at Maria’s Big House of Hope!

Footnote: Photos by Kimberly Tseng
Henan, China
Donate and provide diapers for children like Kaden